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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Winter School 2023

EIMAS Winter School 2023


Voicing and Visualising African Futures

Introduction to the Theme

Recent trends in the global scene, especially since the advent of COVID-19, the increasing climate risks, and the fragile state of security and conflicts, have necessitated the need for countries to forge ahead with sustainable pathways to actualizing development. Africa as a continent is not left out in this quest. Since there is no one-sizefits-all trajectory to sustainable development, as scholars of African Studies, the notion of a sustainable development trajectory for Africa is framed on the overarching idea and ideals of Africans and Africa, not simply as a product of external forces, but as global players and active participant in their own development. This reality underscores the agenda of “Voicing and Visualising African Futures” at the EIMAS Winter School 2023. This title underpins Africa’s prospects, processes, and practices that reflect visions of the desired future, influenced by contemporary decision-making shaping the aspired developmental conditions for the continent while mainstreaming governance, gender, and climate considerations across the sub-thematic foci.

In this sense, "voicing" refers to giving voice to people and allowing them to share their opinions; "visualizing" refers to the artistic modes of communication displayed in the program; and "African" consolidates the notion of African agency to address African problems. Hinged on three principal pillars of identity, territory, and sustainability, EIMAS Winter School 2023 aims to enrich the discourse around these topics by providing a public platform to exchange perspectives and information between relevant African and international stakeholders, as well as providing young African researchers with an introduction for and place to voice their concerns about these particular issues. The speakers were selected with the aim of creating awareness, through multidisciplinary perspectives, on strategies that can aid in constructing more equal and resilient societies and economies.


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