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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Participation Costs

Participation costs per semester (30 ECTS):

Programme country students: 2,250.00 €
Partner country students: 4,500.00 €


Self-funded students have to pay the participation costs of 2,250.00 € / 4,500.00 € to the University of Bayreuth as the coordinating institution per semester.

Recipient:Uni Bayreuth
IBAN:DE84 7500 0000 0074 3015 30
Reference:Uni Bayreuth 7032/04208; LAST NAME, first name


They can pay the participation costs at the beginning of each semester or in instalments:

  • two instalments per semester à 1,125.00 € / 2,250.00 € each payable on 15.07. (first semester) / 01.09. (third semester) and 01.12. (for the “winter” semester), as well as 01.03. and 01.06. (for the “summer” semester)
  • three instalments per semester à 750.00 € / 1,500.00 € each payable on 15.07. (first semester) / 01.09. (third semester), 01.11. and 01.01. (for the “winter” semester), as well as 01.03., 01.05. and 01.07. (for the “summer” semester)

From these fees, all activities related to the EIMAS study programme, i.e.

  • tuition/semester fees,
  • library and laboratory costs,
  • issuance of diplomas and transcripts,
  • health insurance (with DR-WALTER, PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS-D; if necessary),
  • language courses,
  • participation in welcome and orientation weeks,
  • excursions,
  • fieldtrips*,
  • and other academic activities

will be paid.

The full remaining amount of the participation costs will be paid back to the students at the end of their studies.


* Should a stay abroad for an internship or field research turn out to be more expensive, they would have to pay the difference themselves.


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