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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Academic Calendar

  • First semester at the University of Porto:
    1 September1 to the first Saturday in February

  • Second semester at the University of Bayreuth:
    1 April1 to 31 July

  • Third semester at the Bordeaux Montaigne University:
    1 September1 to the last Friday before 24 December

  • Fourth semester:
    I.  Fieldwork of at least eight weeks (plus preparation and post-processing): 15 January2 to 15 April
    II. 15 April3 to 31 August (first cohort: 30 September)


1 the first day of the Welcome Week will be announced at least four weeks in advance
2 an earlier start of the fieldwork is possible
3 or Tuesday after the Easter holidays


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