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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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The framing concept of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) EIMAS is “Global Africa”. Current concepts of African Studies focus on a concept of Africa in itself, or as the object of outside influences. Our Global Africa Approach will take Africa and Africans as global players and enhance previous concepts by adding this perspective. The EIMAS provides an integrated approach, focusing on the nexus between Identity, Territory and Sustainability, designed to transcend the limitations of both conventional area studies and global studies, while acknowledging alternative narratives and encouraging active involvement cooperation in and with Africa.



On the structural level, the EIMAS will offer students a four-step mobility scheme from the University of Porto (1st semester) to the University of Bayreuth (2nd semester) and the Bordeaux Montaigne University (3rd semester) before they carry out an Africa-based or Africa-related fieldwork or internship, which will result in the writing of a thesis at the university of their choice.

In the first semester, the University of Porto will provide a comprehensive introduction to interdisciplinary African Studies.

​During the second semester, the University of Bayreuth will widen the students’ perspectives towards development and cultural dynamics.

In the third semester, the Bordeaux Montaigne University will introduce analytical approaches and provide tools for a practical involvement in contemporary political, ecological and economic challenges.



Through its innovative training programme, EIMAS will enable the students to acquire a wide range of practice-oriented knowledge of Global Africa, to enhance their analytical and communication skills and to strengthen their ability to work independently, which will significantly increase their employability. The consortium’s wide range of already existing collaborations with academic and non-academic partners such as government representatives, NGOs, corporate and diplomatic protagonists in Europe, Africa and beyond ensures the best possible connection to the global job market.


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