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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Odunola Alexander Oladeji

My name is Odunola Oladeji. I hailed from a typical agrarian community called Saki in Nigeria. It is one of the relics of old Oyo empire situated at 154km from the capital city in Ibadan and some kilometers away from the Republic of Benin.

Resilience and determination are key determinant factors in the equation of my development. However, against all odds, I graduated with distinctions in my high school and then proceeded to study Agricultural Economics in the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan where I graduated summa cum laude in the top 5% of my cohort. Right from my sophomore, I had been enlisted on the Dean’s Roll of Honor, bagged a couple of awards and honors, led the faculty press organization and the Education committee and volunteered for both indigenous and international organizations. Upon graduation, I have contributed meaningfully to agricultural development and food security in Nigeria and so far, garnered experiences in developmental policy and plan, working in a top government parastatal.

I am a staunch crusader of equity and inclusion, passionate about grassroots development and has over the years committed to empowering the marginalized group in the society. I cofounded FoodDataNG, an agricultural data management startup aimed at creating indigenous food production database and changing the recurring narrative of extension service neglect in Nigeria.

My professional interests resonate around development and social innovative research – spanning across agri-food systems, climate change, and migration – development nexus.

Finally, I am enthusiastic about European Interdisciplinary Masters African Studies because it consolidates my vision of integrated Africa where synergy and collaboration will sweep from the shores of Nile to the arid Kalahari and laterally across the equatorial hanging from the horn of Africa to the island of Cape Verde.


Contact: odunolaoladeji@gmail.com

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