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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Lucas da Silva Ferreira de Novais

My name is Lucas Novais and I’m graduated in Philosophy, which might be known as humanity’s first science. I consider myself a natural-born philosopher, having a curious mind and hunger for knowledge ever since I was a kid, choosing to study Philosophy as a way to try to understand the world better and return these well-crafted thoughts into the world, with a goal to inspire people to critically think their position and actions in our society. My graduation thesis was related to Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Hermeneutics of the Work of Art and in parallel with my academic achievements, I also have 6 years of work related to Customer Experience, balancing my empathic and analytical mind into meaningful interactions, in order to help as most people as I can.

My interest in EIMAS is guided towards reconnecting with a greater part of my heritage, which was deeply denied from me, much due to reasons as colonization, slavery and the systematic and institutionalized racism that, for all the wrong reasons, are still plaguing our world today.

I firmly believe that EIMAS will be able to provide us a general understanding of the enormous richness of Africa, which is Our motherland and the birthplace to life itself. I’m deeply honored and excited for the programme to start, so that through this vast knowledge that we’ll have access to, we can contribute and give back to a healthier, critical, analytical, united and diverse society.


Contact: lucas.ferreira.novais@gmail.com

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