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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Limbani Kamanga

Hello! My name is Limbani Kamanga, but you can call me Tobi. I was born and raised in Northern Malawi. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, which I obtained at the College of Wooster back in 2015. Since graduating, I have worked in the international development space, where I have been involved in a number of development programs in Malawi and abroad. Some of the programs I am proud to have been a member of include: The Global Health Corps Fellowship, CorpsAfrica Volunteers, United Nations Volunteers, and the United States Achievers Program. Under these programs and beyond, my work experience has revolved around managing and coordinating programs and projects that focus on various issue areas, such as: participatory community development, public health, equitable access to education, agricultural productivity, child protection, and development partnership. It will be an honor to bring this experience to the cohort and I am equally excited to learn from the experiences of my fellow members of the EIMAS program. That being said, I am really excited to pursue the EIMAS program because it will equip me with nuanced perspectives and technical knowledge needed to design and manage development programs whose theory of change aligns with the realities and aspirations of specific African countries. Most importantly, I am thrilled with the prospect of networking with individuals, both professors and fellow members of the program, who share a similar passion for Africa. I believe interacting with the program members will challenge my convictions and enrich my understanding of the dynamics in which the African continent interacts with the rest of the world. Yewu.


Contact: kamangalt@gmail.com

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