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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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University of Pavia​Department of Political and Social Sciences

Who We Are

University of Pavia’s Department of Political and Social Sciences (DPSS) was established on January 2012 as a result of a truly interdisciplinary project that harmonize history and innovation thanks to the joining of the three pre-existing Departments of Political and Social Studies and Economics, Statistics and Law. Inheriting the centuries-long history of the University of Pavia, which was originally created in 1361 around the schools of law and humanities, nowadays DPSS actively contributes to the development of an internationally oriented city-campus that offers its 24.000 students 20 University colleges and 18 Departments, with diverse and competitive study programmes at all levels, from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctorate programmes.

Showing a remarkable attention to the changing needs of an increasingly globalized world, faculties and researchers of University of Pavia’s Department of Political and Social Sciences decided to engage in research and teaching undertakings that aim at encompassing both the disciplinary and geographical areas which have been traditionally the object of political and social studies, transcending Eurocentric biases. The Department is indeed the framework within which African and Asian Studies were historically developed and subsequently evolved towards a post-colonial and de-colonial approach at University of Pavia. This contributed to enhance and widen the scope of studies and researches concerning Political science and philosophy; Law; Sociology; Political economy, development economics and public economy; Economics and social statistics; The history of political ideas and institutions; Studies in history and international politics.

“Cesare Bonacossa” Centre for the Study of Extra-European Peoples is among the specific research centres linked to the Department, together with the Interdepartmental Research Centre on Social Participation in Land Management; the Interdepartmental Centre for Studies and Research on Higher Education Systems and the Interdepartmental Centre for Gender Studies. “Cesare Bonacossa” Center also publishes the peer-reviewed international journal Africa and the editorial series Asia Major.

Moreover, University of Pavia DSPS promotes the Study and Research on the African and Asian continents by recognizing a pivotal role to its Master's Degree in African and Asian Studies (SAA).


What We Do

The University of Pavia Master's Degree in African and Asian Studies (SAA) is aimed at students who wish to combine a high-level training course with the initiation to an in-depth and “relational” study of the African and Asian continents. With this goal in mind our curriculum combines the study of some compulsory teachings (anthropology, sociology, demography, political science and economics of development) - aimed at acquiring a multifaceted understanding of African and Asian present-time’s societies - with the complementary study of the history of North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Middle East, India, China, Japan and South-East Asia according to each student’s specific interests. Moreover, a special thematic attention has been given to the study of international migration with three dedicated teachings of legal, sociological and historical-political nature.

Another strategic choice of SAA curriculum is that of encouraging our students to combining the multidisciplinary study of Africa and Asia with the study of a non-European language and culture to be chosen between Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. In order to promote a highly “relational” and internationally oriented study environment, SAA welcome several international students, with a special attention to African and Asian perspective students. It also has consolidated institutional relations with a number of academic institutions in various African and Asian countries, which are a reference point for the active involvement of both incoming and outgoing students, as well as faculties in several mobility experiences. 

For all these reasons, SAA offers an in-depth and highly competitive training on specific regional contexts, by also inserting it in wider, globally attuned study perspectives. This is why our curriculum definitely makes the difference for our students as compared to a traditional degree in International Relations.


How We Can Contribute to the EIMAS

EIMAS’ students will be actively involved in SAA’s curricular and extracurricular activities organized within the multidisciplinary study-offer provided to all our enrolled students. At the same time, they will be also allowed to join other classes that can be of their interest and that are activated within the scope of other Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees available at the Department of Political and Social Sciences. EIMAS’ students will be strongly encouraged to take part to all the classes that are relevant to their chosen formative path and will be able to acquire up to 18 formative credit units in one of the three extra-European languages to be chosen between Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

An Italian language course for foreigners will be also made available for EIMAS students by our University’s Linguistic Centre, as well as all the other services enjoyed by all the international students yearly welcomed by our Institution in Pavia.

Our faculties will offer guidance, and if necessary, co-tutorship for the development of researches and thesis on African studies or comparative study-perspectives on relevant themes of Africa’s and Asia’s contemporary history, politics and society. EIMAS’ students will have complete access to our libraries and will enjoy full administrative and disciplinary support from our faculties and personnel dedicated to our international students.

More to that they will be allowed to access one of the 20 University Colleges and anyway supported to find an accommodation along the period of their staying.



Prof. Dr. Antonio Maria Morone
Researcher and Professor in African History

University of Pavia
Department of Political and Social Sciences
Corso Strada Nuova 65
27100 Pavia

E-mail: antoniomaria.morone@unipv.it
Phone: +39 0382 986950



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