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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira ONGD Jesuíta (FGS)

Who We Are

We are a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO), founded in 2004 by the Jesuits. Our mission is to fight inequalities, discrepancies and social injustices whilst trying to build a more just, human, sustainable and equitable world through the promotion of Development and Global Citizenship Education. Therefore, and since Social Justice is our main goal, we conceive and deliver projects in the areas of Development, Global Citizenship, Integral Ecology and Education, promoting processes of reflection and action that intend to alert for the structural processes that surround us, as well as to encourage a global look over the world and life in general.

What We Do

Anchored to collaborative and reflective methods, our action undergoes through (1) capacitation and training of teachers and other educators; (2) deepening and disclosure of knowledge and reflection in the fields of Development and Global Citizenship, through publications and meetings; (3) production and disclosure of educative resources; (4) integration and promotion of networks and other collaborative groups of different fields contexts; (5) participation in the definition of public policies, promoters of structural changes  in society; (6) occasional humanitarian emergency actions.

How We Can Contribute to the EIMAS

  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Social Justice
  • Social Transformation
  • Critical Reflection
  • Collaboration and Network


Teresa Paiva Couceiro
Executive Director

Jorge Cardoso
Global Citizenship & Development

Jesuit NGDO
Estrada da Torre, n° 26
1750-296 Lisbon

E-mail: teresa.paivacouceiro@fgs.org.ptjorge.cardoso@fgs.org.pt
Phone: +351 217 541 625


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