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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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What is the word limit for the motivation letter?Hide

There is no word limit for the letter of motivation, just write as much as necessary but not more than actually needed to try to convince the EIMAS selection committee.

What can I use as a proof of my current residence? Hide

There are several possibilities how you can state your “current proof of place of residence, study, training or work”, for example

  • a confirmation of your landlord
  • a confirmation of your university
  • a working contract or a letter from your employer which shows your residence address
  • a utility bill (landline telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc.) which shows your residence address
  • a statement from your bank
  • ...
Can I submit the proof of English language proficiency later?Hide

We need the proof of your English knowledge skills latest by the time when the interviews take place (end of March/beginning of April). In order to be considered without providing the proof together with your other application documents (until 31 January), we require the official confirmation that you have already registered for an English test and will get the result by end of March.

​Do I need to have French, German and Portuguese languge skills?Hide

No, our programme is fully taught in English.

Can I apply if I have not finished my undergradute studies yet?Hide

We can only consider applicants who have already completed their Bachelor studies. If you have finished all courses (incl. your Bachelor’s thesis) and only wait for the issuing of your certificate, we accept a transcript of records that lists all grades. Please upload the preliminary certificate/official letter of confirmation instead of the diploma.

Can I apply if I have an undergraduate degree from another academic discipline?Hide

Yes, you can apply but make sure that you are able to convince the EIMAS selection committee why you are now interested in African Studies.

​I already have a Master degree, can I still apply for the EIMAS?Hide

Yes, you are eligible to apply but please think about why you want to study another Master programme instead of continuing with a PhD. You want to change your academic discipline and learn more about the African continent and its diasporas? Great, then we are looking forward to reading your application.

​I am a student from XXXXX, am I eligible to apply?Hide

It does not matter which nationality you have or where you are living - every student who fulfils the admission requirements can apply for the EIMAS and an EMJMD student scholarship.

​Is there a separate application form if I want to apply for an EMJMD student scholarship?Hide

No, just tick the box "Yes" in the EIMAS application form where you are asked "Do you apply for am EMJMD scholarship?".

Can I use a letter of recommendation which is work-related and not academic?Hide

It is absolutely fine to have a letter of recommendation from a person outside of academia. It should only support your application for our programme (and not just any EMJMD) and confirm your personal motivation.

​Is it possible that the letters of recommendation are directly sent to the EIMAS by the referees?Hide

Yes. The easiest way is to ask your referees to send their letters directly to eimas-applications@uni-bayreuth.de. Please ask them to quote your email address with which you will have applied so that we can unambiguously assign the letters to your application.

Will letters of recommendations with a digital signature and without a stamp be accepted?Hide

Yes, it is sufficient if the letters of recommendation are electronically signed.

​Is there a template for the letters of recommendation?Hide

No, there is no template.

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