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The First Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in African Studies

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Leonhard Hager

My name is Leonard but my friends call me Leo, meaning lion in Latin. The name suits me because I pursue everything that I put my mind to. My parents seemed to have known this intuitively.

I love Africa! I left Germany in 2011 and have lived in Kenya for eight years, learned the culture and people and absolutely identify myself with the African lifestyle. I studied Journalism in Nairobi and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2018 and worked as a freelance photographer for four years.

I never pictured doing a Master’s degree in the field of African Studies but my life has taken me to Africa from a tender age and my heart wants to return. When I came across the EIMAS program I realized that I want to work in a field related to Africa, since I have a passion for Africa, the culture, the history and the people.

I do not know where exactly this journey is leading me to but I am confident that EIMAS will lay out a path for me that I can pursue. I have been working in Marketing and Sales for the past two years, which is not in line with this program but I am convinced that due to my personal background this is the perfect fit for me. 


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